Dhavir Temple Roha

Dhavir Temple

Distance from Hotel: 920 meters

Dhavir Maharaj is of great importance to the people of Roha. After Ganesh, people of Roha have great faith in Dhavir Maharaj and he is also known as 'The God Of Roha' or 'Gramdaivat Of Roha'. The Dhavir temple has been declared as a religious place, by the Government of Maharashtra.

The Dhavir Temple was built by Balwantrao Vithoji More in 1849. There are two stories told about how Dhavir Maharaj became Roha's Gramdaivat.

Before living the Dhavir temple to begin the Dhavir Palkhi, it is given 'SALAMI' by the Raigad Police. Salami means police stand in a line and fire bullets from thier rifles. Before entering in proper Roha the Palkhi is welcomed by the Dalits,then the Muslims. The attraction of this whole program is the unity with which people of all communities welcome, celebrate and enjoy the Dhavir Palkhi. A very good example of the unity of the people of Roha.

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