Astavinayak Temple Pali

Astavinayak Ballaleshwar Temple

Distance from Hotel: 28.4 km

Pali’s Ballaleshwar is third Ganesh out of total eight in "Ashtavinayak". There are two lakes in front of the temple. In the innermost part of the temple, there is a three-feet Ganesh idol. Also there is a huge bell of made out of five metals. After victory of Vasai, Chimaji Appa brought bells of Church. One of them was dedicated to Ballaleshwar. Same kind of bells can be seen in Bhimashnkar. Left of Ballaleshwar temple there is a historical 'Sanrasgad'. Fort lovers can reach there by two ways - via Ramali from the north Dewoolwadi and from the south. There are steps dug in stone on way to north side. At about half a kilometer you will see a fort door having two bastions. There is a lake which contains water all the year. But way from the south is more popular. There are 96 steps carved in stone. Though the steps are less in number, every step is one and half to two feet high and are very difficult to climb. From top of the fort which is 1300 feet high, Ameba river, Sudhagad, Karnala, Manikgad, Badrutin fort in Konkan and Korigad, Ghangad, Telbaillya, Nagfani forts in ghat region can be seen. Tourist can see hot water Kundas near Pali, temple of Uddhar. .

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